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A Pair Of Black Customizable 19oz Dj Slipmats

A Pair Of Black Customizable 19oz Dj Slipmats

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Customizable Slipmats for 12″ Turntables
Use our customization tool to quickly upload your image and position it how you like.

Please Ignore the pixel warning if your happy with the look.

Material Specs
Color: Black
Material: 100% polyester felt
Weight: 19oz Felt
Dimensions: 11.75″ Diameter
Thickness: .09″ (3/32″)
Bottom Surface: TBottom are glazed
Grade: Strong High Quality
Feel: Soft
Accuracy: Precise
Printing Methods: DTF.

Our classic 16oz non-glazed bottom surface
are considered one of the go-to slipmats for turntablists.

Perfect for the mix/club DJ or turntable audiofile enthusiast.